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This Next Weekend

Hey all,

Just thinking about possibilities for this next weekend. Feel free to throw in your thoughts, or just be advised of possibilties. Probably the most important thing to figure out is if anyone wants to do Haul Ash on Sunday or not (more info below).

First off, there’s that whole solar eclipse thing. It will be around 6 PM on Sunday and will last for about 90 minutes. The weather for Sunday is forecasted to be somewhat cloudy and maybe rainy, both here and elsewhere like Leavenworth. But I guess we’ll see what we can see.

On Sunday, I guess Haul Ash is still a possibility, depending on how interested people are. This year is the same route as last year with the halfway point at LTD. It’s $30 this year for pre-registration, or $40 at the door, though apparently you get a backpack this year (see for more info). Personally I’m somewhat indifferent on this one.

Another thing happening next weekend is the U-District Street Fair, which includes the Big Time patio and all that.

Here are some other highlights for Saturday:

As for Sunday, like I said, Haul Ash is still a possibility. But if we don’t do that, Fremont Brewing has decided to just be fucking awesome and have a free BBQ from 12-3 PM.

Also on Sunday, pretty much all day, Old Town in Ballard is having sour and oak-aged Cascade brews on tap.

Hmm, now that I look at this list, it’s pretty much all about beer. Oh well.