rohan singh

software engineer. bicyclist & rock climber. craft beer addict.


As it turns out, you should always make sure somebody isn’t the room before you start talking about them behind their back. Me talking about Chris on DC++:

[23:56] <rdude> alright, guess my connection settings are just messed up. when i try to connect to teleproxy, i’m just getting DCB

[00:00] <rdude> ha, mini-fridges FTW. just convinced my housemate that we need to keep our second mini-fridge around just in case the kitchen fridge and the first mini-fridge both fill up with beer.

[00:05] <CCC1> …he didn’t convince me, he is just being a bitch

[00:07] <CCC1> and he needs to get ride of his old desk, which is also in our garage not being used…rdude

[01:00] <rdude> oh fuck

[01:00] <rdude> i didn’t realize you’re on here